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Get Wisdom - AITP

Wisdom is the ability to make the right choice and always receive the best. The word of God counsels us to ''Get Wisdom''.

Learn how to do so.


Supercharge your spirit - AITP

Unless the spirit of man is developed sufficiently it is not possible to experience the Supernatural life. The greater our spirit is developed, the easier it is for us to walk in the fulness of God.

Here is the first session as a sneek peek. We believe you will be positioned for your take off as you join and equip your spirit.


Financial Breakthrough

Wealth and Riches belong to the Father. By inheritance and the finished work of the cross it belongs to the children of God. Why then is the influence of poverty and lack present?
Learn how to walk in Financial breakthrough and abundance.


Pleasing God and Holiness

When God is the reason for our existence and the very purpose, pleasing God is our ultimate mission. Holiness is a way of demonstrating the same.
Learn to understand how to live a life pleasing God and in holiness.

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